My name is Karthik Suresh. I’m currently living in the Bay Area and working on improving the mortgage experience at Blend. In the past, I’ve spent some time investing as a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, making education more accessible at Coursera, building cloud solutions for healthcare companies at KloudData, and improving the accuracy of glucose monitors at Biomedtrics.

      Academically speaking, I studied at RPI, where I was fortunate enough to explore Computer Science and artifical intelligence and build and lead entrepreneurship organizations on campus.

      Outside of work, I like to stay active and compete in triathalons, go on long bike rides, and play water polo. I also enjoy playing chess and poker, listening to hip-hop music, and exploring how we can better use data in sports.

Email: karthik.s814@gmail.com.

     - Podcasts: ML Engineered (ep.2 9/1/20)