My name is Karthik Suresh. I'm currently living in the Bay Area and working on compensation more transparent at Pave. In the past, I've spent some time improving the mortgage experience at Blend, investing as a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, making education more accessible at Coursera, building cloud solutions for healthcare companies at KloudData, and improving the accuracy of glucose monitors at Biomedtrics.

      Academically speaking, I studied at RPI, where I was fortunate enough to explore Computer Science and artifical intelligence and build and lead entrepreneurship organizations on campus.

      Outside of work, I like to stay active and compete in triathalons, go on long bike rides, and play water polo. I also enjoy playing chess and poker, listening to hip-hop music, and exploring how we can better use data in sports.

Email: karthik.s814@gmail.com.

     - Podcasts: ML Engineered (ep.2 9/1/20)